We  are  a  multi-national  collaboration  of  business professionals,  who  have  come  together  to  establish  a global  certifying  association.  We  are  passionately dedicated  to  the  pursuit  of  excellence  in  the   development  of  Trainer’s  and  Coaches.
We  support  those  who  have  a  desire  to  self-actualise their  potential  in  every  aspect  of  their  life.


Cours De Dissertation Historique At GAANS we value leadership. We have formed a NS Global Community that’s strongly grounded in being lead by leaders who are congruent, able to be held accountable, provide a space for truely democratic decision making to occur and to promote a collaborative association that is not dominated by any single person but lead exclusively by it’s members and provides for the needs of its community.


We are a truly democratic organisation. Our desicions are made based upon the members votes. Our Advisory Board will have the responsibility to secure that our offerings are according to our statement of direction, mission and vision. Our aim is to build a global organisation. Our finances are transparent, and we will regularily present our financial report for all members.  

Prentice Hall Accounting 1 26 6th Edition Homework Help GAANS utilises the very best models and concepts available, to facilitate change and activate human potential


LENA GRAY (NZL)Launch Responsible
I have an innate zest for life, and driven by my desire to see communities flourish.
To actualise my vision, I design and provide high quality leadership training programs, and executive excellence coaching to leaders in multiple organisations around globe.

– Master Trainer Applied Neuro Synergy
– Licenced Coach Trainer (ANSPC)
– Neuro Leadership – The Neuro Science of Leadership
– Diploma Psychology
– Master Trainer Neuro-Semantics
– Coach Trainer Neuro-Semantics
-Licenced International Instructor Krav, Close Quarter Combat

Online Dissertations And Theses Or Work:
-Developer of the T.A.P Leadership Training and Coaching Program
-Developer of the Quality Performance Metrix tool for Coaches – QPM
-Lead Trainer and Coach at LenaGray.com
-Creative Director of Mindsuite Training and Coaching
-Executive Coach
-Leadership Trainer and Coach
-Corporate Consultant

Dissertation Proofreading Services And Editing Affiliate Member of the Institute of Neuro-Leadership Int.

Fascinated by people’s differences and with great passion for communication and relationship building.
Experience from various leadership roles in the business world through 20 years and from health and social care in 10 years-and have from 2012 conducted international certification in coaching, profile mapping, HR and management tools.
NELSON NEGIWEB Technical Master
My heart goes out to see people excelling in whatever they want to do.
To make this happen, I support people
with mind technology to help them identify and remove barriers in their mind and life which keep them from excelling. I design and develop technological solutions to make excelling easy and fast.
MBA – HR and International Business Management
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management
Certified NLP Coach (Society of NLP)
Certified NLP Trainer
Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer
Business Manager – Pharmaceutical Company
Entrepreneur – Websols Technologies, Tekton Tech Solutions, DigiMall, Exegroom
Founder – Entrepreneurs Network, Tekton
Regional Coordinator India and Far East – Congress WBN (NGO)
I am focusing on the business processes-and where technology and systems meet people
I am currently living the dream – building the Presenza company together with Elsa Grimsmo. I am freelance travel journalist, building a Travel Company and working part time for a charity organisation – Sharing For Life
I want to mobilize people, show them how to use their talents and then sharing their knowledge onwards. Pass it on….
It’s all about people

Dissertation On Library Leadership Work:
I started in the IT Industry working with ERP-systems in 1979. I have experience as programmer, implementation consultant, product manager – financial systems, project manager, sales support, business intelligence and Management Consulting. I am a certified change manager.
My work experience is from large international software companies like SAP, EVRY and Computer Associates, and local Norwegian vendors like Informatikk AS and Teamco.
In 2016 I joined the company Presenza AS and became a partner – delivering training- and development programs for management and teambuilding, special focus on project management.

BI Bedriftsøkonomisk Institutt – Business Economist – 1981
NKS – IT and society
IBM Academy – basic IT
Time Management – TMI Institute
Certified Prosci change manager 2014


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