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Your membership application will go straight to a member of the governance group where it will be reviewed to ensure you get the very best service.
Our contact liaison will then connect with you, to give you a big GAANS welcome. They may need to ask for a few more details from you, in order to finalise your membership.
They’ll also connect with you to ask you to provide your profile details for the GAANS website members page.

Once your membership is validated by our liaison person you’ll receive access to your GAANS benefits, GAANS logos, international support and answers to any questions you may have.


ANS Trainer & Coach Membership

  • Royalty Free Workbooks or Manuals
  • Open Source Access to GAANS Foundational Training Resources
  • Access GAANS Online Trainings
  • Membership Apps for Phones and Tablets
  • Research and Development
  • Access to Academic Publications
  • Training Product Vetting, Peer Review, and Admission
  • Access to Leading Edge Foundational Training
  • Access to Non-Foundational Trainings
  • High Quality Multi-Media Promotional Material
  • Bi-Annual Global Conference
  • Shareholder and Voting Rights
  • Membership Subsidies or Annual Rebates
  • Newsletter Subscription

ANS Associates Membership

  • 12% Discount on One GAANS Flagship Training
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Exclusive Offers
  • 1 Free Coaching Session
  • Training Product Vetting, Peer Review, and Admission
  • Bi-Annual Global Conference


We only have full certified GAANS trainers. The 12 month annual fee is $100USD. For Applied NS Executive Coaches the 12 month annual fee is $100USD. If you are both a trainer and coach you will pay ONLY one fee.

When GAANS makes a monetary annual profit all members have their annual fee for the following year reduced or they may pay nothing or even receive a shareholder dividen. This is decided at the Governance level

Are you a Certified NLP Trainer, Neuro-Sematic Trainer, Master Trainer or Meta-Coach your certification is immediately transferable to GAANS. You remain as full certifying Trainer or Meta-Coach on application. No additional costs or training days are required of you.

Yes you can – absolutely. We offer to those who have an interest in personal development and would like to be a member of the GAANS community, we have an associate membership group which you can join.

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This is a 3 steps process, 1: You fill in a application form online, 2: Meet member over Skype for a dialog, 3: Confirmation of the membership from the Governance Group

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